While We Waited.

We had been married five years. Three of which we hadn’t been using birth control.

The questions were coming now. “So, any news??? Anything exciting to tell us?” Or the standard, “Have you talked about having children?” (As if we’d been…

How I Regained My Sweet Little 3 year old

How I Regained My Sweet Little Boy

The tantrums came out of nowhere. We had made it past the “terrible twos” We had made it through the transition of a new sibling (at 27 months). Now, at 3 ½, when our house was slowing down and our…

HeartofDavid WebReady

A Heart Like David

So I just finished reading through the life of David again. As a young 30’s something who has been a Christian since my late teens, I feel like the Lord has been stirring something within me recently… an I pursing…

Its Not Cheese!

Butternut Squash Mac n “Cheese”

It’s not cheese. It’s not fake cheese. Just shells and butternut squash, seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper.

Really. Too easy. And both of my kiddos think this is Mac N Cheese. HeeHee 😀

I’ve tried…