Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Maxims on Marriage

Many years ago, while house-sitting for an old preacher, my husband and I stumbled upon this hidden gem, nestled among the family pictures. We were amazed at the wisdom found on the wrinkled old piece of paper, and quickly made a copy for ourselves. We took it home, reading and rereading these maxims. We've since memorized them, used them in pre-marriage counseling and fellowship, and given them as gifts at weddings. I share them here with the hope that you will be blessed as we were and continue to be.  

Dr. C.H. Yu’s, “Maxims on Marriage”                                                 

The husband is the head of the wife, any reversal will cause the family to lose peace                                                
The wife is the heart of the husband, any coldness in affection will deprive the family of joy.     
What the wife expects from the husband is love
What the husband looks for in the wife is submission
Frequently expressing gratitude to each other is the fragrance of the household.
Try hard to avoid the first quarrel and ill feeling.
In the event of different opinions, learn the respect the opposite opinion,
And find out its reason and feeling …the way of solution must be righteous.
Be willing to resolve differences
Avoid a one-sided sacrifice. Both sides must be ready to take a step backwards.
It is not profitable to both if retreat is done one-sided only.
Do not ever strive, but strive to step down first
Selfishness is the poison that destroys the family.
Whenever you see the weakness of your spouse, see also his or her strength.
Paying too much attention to the other’s weakness will turn a small matter into a big matter.
Whenever you feel troubled, remember your spouse also senses it.
             Never broadcast your spouse’s weakness.
You may be hurt by your spouse’s weakness, but to talk about it, you deepen the wound.
Hurt in heart may be healed, but speaking out is hard to be recovered.
Do not be disrespectful because of familiarity.
Be diligent in giving thanks
Be watchful of proper dressing, adornment, habit, and speech.
Always be ready to confess and apologize.
It is best to read the Bible and pray together before God every day.

If newlyweds can learn these within three years,
a blessed marriage is assured.
-Dr. C.H. Yu

only minor edits have been made to the original document for the purpose of a cleaner and more modern English. 

for your own printable copy, click here

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