Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weather Unit: Weatherman for a Day

You're the Weatherman for a Day!

It's a little known fact that sometime in a former life I wrote newscasts for college and cable access channels and dreamed of being a news anchor. Ha. Let's just say I'm glad that dream never fully materialized. But I still had fun writing out this forecast, and perhaps that was a little of the inspiration behind our Weatherman for the Day unit in co-op. 

During our weather unit, we spent one class letting everyone "be" the weatherman. 
We went over many common weather terms and their definitions. (attached to the "you're the weatherman" sheet here). 

We watched a couple of sample weather forecasts. Search for "Sample Weather Forecast" on YouTube, or to get something even more relevant, find your local TV station online, and watch the forecast together. 

Then we handed out the "You're the Weatherman" sheets.

Click here for printable version

Each student filled in the blanks on their papers. This took less than 10 minutes. If you had more time, you could encourage them to complete the "challenge" at the end of the assignment. 

Then, using a large map of the United States as our backdrop (if you're not at a place where large drop down maps are readily available - look for a reusable peel and stick wall map that will stick to any wall, and come right off again. Amazon has a few, so does Target. We took turns filming each student giving their own forecast. They LOVED this. Some improvised, some followed the script exactly. But they all did great and thoroughly enjoyed this. 

A great way to make the weather fun, applicable, and memorable. The videos turned out great, and this was a super fun way to end our weather unit. 

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