Monday, June 25, 2018

Do Christians Have a Mental Illness?

There was a story in the news not too long ago, about a somewhat famous daytime news show host who said something like "Christians have some kind of mental illness, "hearing voices" things like that. I don't usually think much about these kinds of things on TV as I guess I've grown used to it, but this one touched me personally, and I felt a response well up. I don't fault her, I've been a doubter of it all too. And I get it. But as someone who has tasted of the goodness of God, who has "heard the voice" countless times,  if I could respond to Joy Behar, this is what I would say. 

You know what, Christians are crazy. A mental illness, no- but crazy, yes. We know we are crazy. We are in the world enough and hear the skeptics around us all the time too. Don’t you think we have thought through these arguments a thousand times ourselves? And even more so, because it is us and our beliefs that are challenged all the time. We have gone through the arguments through and through. But deep within, we do have the life God. He does speak to us. And so when everything around us says "you are crazy." Outwardly, we can agree, "yes we are crazy," but like the apostle Paul says, "I’ll be fool for Christ”+ and a famous songwriter also says, “I’ll be a fool, yes. I'll be a fool.^ We are not ignorant. We are not uneducated. We are not oblivious to the world around us. It’s just that the end of the day when we go home and quiet our hearts, we hear His still small voice deep within. And we know that our Redeemer lives and He lives in us and we can't help but follow Him, and choose to come alongside Him as fools, rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God.* But he is so good to us so kind to us. He has helped us through so much… We just wish and pray and hope that the world will know our Jesus too. 

+1  Corinthians 4:10
^Live by Faith, Chris Rice
*1 Peter 2:4

see "Can the Existence of God be Proven?" for more thoughts spurred on from this question

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