Several years back my husband and I were house-sitting for an old preacher, when we stumbled upon a simple sheet of paper, leaning against some family portraits. My curiosity was aroused … why would a plain sheet of paper be mixed in with precious family photos? So of course I grabbed the paper and began skimming over it. Right away, I was struck by the profoundness and wisdom in what I was reading. What I had stumbled upon was one mans collection of “points to ponder”, or “maxims” as he called them about marriage. I quickly made a copy and brought it back to my apartment, where I read and reread through the sayings. I have since typed them in and given them out as wedding gifts to many couples. A few of the sayings are archaic, a few require a little bit of pondering… but every time I come back and read over them, I am still helped and reminded of the truth and wisdom in these phrases. So I share them on here (even in a printable form :)) … because I have really benefited from these … and hope maybe some others will as well.

As you read through, probably all of us will have phrases that stand out to us … but one that I have proven true time and time again in my own marriage, “hurt in heart can be healed, but speaking out is hard to be recovered”. So many times, I have blurted out something in my frustration that proved to destroy an entire day for both my husband and myself. Yet other times, when I’ve yielded this advice and held my tongue I’ve be shocked to find that my frustration will often disappear within minutes. Is it worth a whole day or more of misery on both ends, when I could just hold my tongue and both of us be restored within minutes? So I’ve appreciated the simplicity and wisdom in this.

I wanted to post this here with the hope that you will find this helpful too. I love my husband. We’ve been married 10 years as I write, and we are still very much in love :) and still very much loving marriage. (And little kiddos have made it even more fun!) We heard people tell us in our first year or two of marriage, “oh they’re just newlyweds, it will pass” … and we both said … may it never be! So I am passionate about marriage and joyful marriages. God never intended us to fall out of love with Him. Sure there are temptations and distractions and everything else that would try to come in to steal that joy … but is that His intent? Of course not. I’m so thankful for His plan, and so thankful for my husband, and the Lord’s keeping for these years … and just want to testify, it is possible to have a joyful marriage, even after so many years. I think the wisdom within these phrases is a part of it :)

For a pretty, printable version, click here: Maxims on Marriage