Hi I’m Katherine

I was caught by the love of Christ when my brother died the summer before my senior year in highschool and have been unable to ever turn back. Though I have failed him, He has always been faithful. (2 Tim 2:13)

I’m joyfully married to my God-loving preacher husband (who also wears several hats), stay-at-home mommy to two precious children who bring lots of fun (and lots of mess), and hostess in a busy home, where guests of all ages often drop by, unannounced.

I love my children. I covet quiet times. I really enjoy cooking, and despise ironing (my pile is always 3 feet tall). My husband is a man of God for whom I am so thankful.

I fail all the time. I yell more than i’d like. I stay up too late. My house is messy. (except for one hour right before bedtime it gains some semblance of clean for a short while)

Sometimes though, amidst a failure, or after a time of prayer, some ray of light breaks through. the Lord teaches a lesson, or reminds me of a verse, or shows a way through … and encourages, “though the righteous falls seven times, [they] rise up again” (Prov 24:16)

This blog is meant to be one mom’s collections of memories and lessons as I learn from the Lord in this joyful thing called life. Stories from things that worked, lessons from things that didn’t…and lots of tidbits of joy from everything else in the middle.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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