welcome to my kitchen :)

if you’re looking for glamorous, beautiful, pinteresty-type show-off type meals, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

however, i really do love to cook. i like the idea of eating healthy (though I probably consume too much chocolate). i like the thrill of trying new things, experimenting and finding things that work.

mainly though, i specialize in fast, cheap, and nutritious… and seem to have a strange gift of being able to make a meal out of whatever is in the kitchen.
i rarely follow a recipe, and stay away from meal plans (though I am intrigued by them). I cook most things from scratch and am experimenting constantly.

sow when i discover something … like i just stuck spinach, carrots, and zucchini in my mini muffins and the kids love them or i just dumped a bag of butternut squash into the macaroni and everyone was fooled and thought it was cheese … then i get excited, and i want to tell everybody :)

don’t get me wrong, i love to make a meal look pretty and i appreciate a good meal with plenty of “ooh and awww” factor, but for my normal go-to meals, we stick with fast and healthy … and usually cheap. (a meal for 4 usually averages about $5.)

so … that’s how we roll around here.
welcome to my kitchen :)