Currently in the news …

*Russians Jets, flexing their muscles by flying into airspace near Alaska, Canada, and into Europe

*Beheading in Oklahoma by a man who wanted to convert his workplace to Islam

*ISIS/ISIL group appears almost overnight, with huge amounts of money, international support, and mission to take over the world

*Ebola remains rampant in Africa and this week, the first US case is diagnosed in Texas.

*In a recent interview discussing “homegrown” terrorists now popping up in America, “when American’s start having the daily bus bombings like in Israel, they’ll get resilient like Israel did” (note not, “if”, but “when”)

… Never mind that fact that our country has incurred a hugely unsustainable debt, school shootings are regular news items, the government can never agree to get anything done, and “truth”, has become an opinion, which can be changed according to the cultural thought of the moment.


I don’t often comment on world events or politics and many other hot topic issues. Usually I can see a little bit of both sides and don’t want to unnecessarily stir the pot … but I just want to put this out there for everyone who either 1) doesn’t watch the news (completely understandable) or 2) thinks that these issues are going to fade away in a few years or get fixed with an election. I just can’t believe they will. These issues are too big and too far beyond the fixing of men. They won’t go away. And I don’t know what you all think, but this is scary stuff to me. Really scary stuff. Part of me wants to forget about it and hope it will all go away, but the more rational, logical part of me knows it’s here to stay.


And I think I’d be more scared, except I truly believe all this mess is pointing to a soon coming King named Jesus. Today? Next year? Ten years from now? I don’t know. I just know that the Bible talks about all of this stuff being unleashed on the earth right before the end comes. That the enemy knows his time is short and will “ramp things up” in a sense. That this is all supposed to happen. And that our hope in these days … is to know Him, and to look to Him, to rescue us out of this evil that is coming upon the earth.


The bible has already foretold a lot of this, and promised that before things get too bad, Jesus will set the limits, and at a certain time, return to this earth and rescue those that are His out of this mess, and then come and establish His kingdom again. That is our hope.  I know a lot of you are doubters and think this is foolishness, and I used to be a doubter too, so I don’t blame you. Many of us who know Jesus used to think the whole “Christianity thing” was a bunch of junk – until we met the one who changed us and filled our hearts with joy and gave us hope in the midst of this dark world. The longer I’ve been a Christian and the more I’ve read and reread the bible, the more I’ve seen how perfectly it matches up with things going on in this world, with history, with science, and with everything my conscience says is true … and I am convinced it is too perfect to not be true. Misunderstood, yes. Misinterpreted, definitely. But true and perfect, I truly believe it is.

So why am I posting all this? I was challenged with a question in my heart a few nights back as I pondered the events in the news. If I really believe this is all true … what am I doing about it? Well, I just want to say … I do believe it is all true. I believe the Bible is true and that Jesus is coming back soon. If we really think we know better than God, go out in creation for a day. Or read Job 38-42. Do we really know all things? Do we really know better?! We’re we there when everything started? Has our 30 or 40 or 50 or 80 years of life given us more wisdom than all of the millions and billions and trillions of years of history? Has our 5 or 6 foot frame and two-fisted sized brain granted us more knowledge than someone behind the vast immenseness of all of the stars and galaxies and beyond?
I just want to say… I love my God. I also like my country, but see everything so close to disintegrating before my eyes. If The Lord is coming back soon, I want you to know Him so you can be rescued out of this evil too. If The Lord wants to delay, and instead bring this country back to be something usable for himself, then He needs many that will return to Him and give themselves to Him, “if my people would humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn…(2 Chron 7:14) “. This has already been too long for Facebook. Let’s come back to the Lord… “Return to me, and I will return to you”, He says. Let’s stop the small stuff and dividing and getting stirred up over petty issues. If Jesus is your Lord, let’s be real about it and live so the world sees hope and a love that is worthy to represent our Lord. If He’s not yet your Lord, maybe it’s time you take a minute and check Him out… Read Revelation. Read Matthew 24 and 25. Hey, read the whole New Testament (though there is a lot hidden in the Old Testament too that points to these days, it’s just more hidden and harder to find) Or talk to people who are Christians and find out why they believe what they believe. This world is big mess that is only getting bigger, but there is hope and help in the midst of it all under one name called the Lord Jesus. He is King. He is coming soon. And He is worth getting to know.