chronicles… recordings… 

…because every mom wants to remember (well, there are some things we would be okay to forget) but in general …. there is so much to remember

like about every conversation I have with Gabriel, my 3.5 year old right now.  I am thoroughly entertained.

and how my 1.5 year old Karis just reached up at me today with both hands held my face and looked right in my eyes and said, “mommy” with the sweetest voice

or how I had this random idea to drop frozen butternut squash into the boiling macaroni pot, and when i drained the water and stirred … it looked just like mac and cheese, and didn’t taste too bad either. (Kids were fooled)

and then there are the lessons that i learn from my kiddos. from my husband. from my Lord. that I almost always remember better when i write them down.

So this is my blog. I write to remember. to help myself. and to share … because what mom … after struggling with some battle for weeks or months or even years … and then something clicks … doesn’t want to shout it to the world!    I FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! :)

thanks for visiting :)